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10 July, 2010

New Orkut Scripts – Scrap All Friends with Single Click! Send Images, Flash, Audio, Video & More!

This is latest scrapall script for new Orkut! And like feature packed new Orkut this script has some great features…

First and most important you can send HTML in scraps! This means you can scrap any image, flash, audio, video, etc to all your friends with one-click!

It has NO time interval field. Means this script will adjust with your Internet connection speed automatically!

It loads surprisingly very fast!

Here is a screenshot (if you have never seen a magic like this)

Download Firefox! (Required)

Install GreaseMonkey Addon! (Click here within firefox only)

Click here to install script!

Go to: and you will see a page like shown in screenshot above

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Thank You..!!!
- From Sanjit Patel