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29 September, 2010

How get the password behind asterisk (*******)

Hello Guys,
    Now I am Gonna Show You How to Get Password Behind the Asterisk, that is *******.(This is Mostly Work on Internet Explorer May be on Others Also)

So, Lets Start..... (This is Only for Educational Purpose)

1) Goto Any Login Page, (I have Choose

2)Now U have Enter User-Id and Password (If not already added)

As Following Image

Now You Have Password But you cant read..

So Follow the Important Step.. 

Erase Your Whole Address bar (i.e, http://.....)

And Enter Following Java Script Code.

javascript: alert(document.getElementById('Passwd').value);

Now Press ENTER..... or Click on Go...

You will Get Error.... But that error is Your Password... TADDAAAA
Like this.............

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20 September, 2010

Get or Update Drivers Absolutely Free Driver Robot Hack

Hello Friends Today I am going to share "How to Hack Driver Robot and get the drivers absolutely free".
As we know nowadays we need to format our system very frequently because of viruses or Operating system Switching. So we need Drivers and also some times we need our drivers to be updated to catch up with the latest technology benefits. So Guys Read On...

(**) Steps to Get or Update Drivers absolutely Free: (**)

1. First of all you will need DRIVER ROBOT software trial version.

2. Install the Software Now you will see something like this:

Click on It.

3. After Scanning of driver is Finished . Check the left hand side window u will see Exporter button .
Click on it and then click export it for another PC as shown below.

4. Now A Html Page is created and you will need Driver robot No more....Now open the Exported one Html Page. You will something like this:

5. Click on Get Drivers and u will get the following Page consisting of Direct Link Download

6. Download all drivers and Enjoy...

Have Fun ! 

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