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22 October, 2010

How to Make Computer Shutdown Faster (110% work)

Hello Friends,
  ON More Demand For "How to make  Computer or Xp Shutdown faster" I have make this Tutorial

So lets Start... 
 For make Your Computer Shutdown Faster You have To Make Some changes in The REGEDIT

Follow My Steps...

Go to Start Menu > Run > Regedit

Then Goto
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Control panel\ Desktop 
and Change The default 5000 to 1000 then click ok

Then scroll down to wailttoKillappTimeout From 20000 to 1000 the click ok

next goto
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ System\currentcontrolset]control
then double click in waittokillservertimeout to 1000 then click ok
 HKEY_USER\Default\Control Panel\ Desktop then change Hingapptimeout to 1000 and click ok
 Scroll Down to waittokillaptimeout change value 1000 then click ok

Now Close all The Things Then restart Your Computer or Shutdown Your Computer You can see that change..

For Any Help Click HERE

Security Tips While Login (By Sanjit Patel)

Sanjit Patel (Blog Owner)

This are the Security Tips While Login in Any website. Always Remember the Following Things while log in any site...

1) When to Log in

Always See HTTPS:// and like Following...

You can See In any Login Like Facebook or Any Bank Login You will Find "Https://" 

2) When NOT to log in
Some Times You will Find HTTPS:// But Lock Will be Like This Following


Then Also Beware For Login... It may be Secure Or Not...   

Some Other secure Tips To Make Your Self Secure..

1) Never Use Public Computer For Log in For Your Bank Account Or Any Other Personal Account

2) After Log in Close webpage Or Close Tab

3) Use Cleaner For Your Browser (Example:- CCleaner

4)Clear the browser cache regular.

5). Never respond to emails that request personal information
6). Always check the URL and the Security Certificate.

7) Avoid using cyber cafes to access your online accounts as they may be infested with Virus,Trojans or Spywares which might track your activity or worse, compromise your security.

8) Keep your computer secure by Installing and continuously updating Anti Virus software(s).

 9) Keep your password top secret and change them often.
Do NOT disclose you User ID and/or Passwords to any person – not even Bank staff – either Intentionally or otherwise. Periodically change your Passwords.

04 October, 2010

How to Make Shutdown\Restart Icon. ( 1 Click Shutdown\Restart )

Hello Friends....

Today I am Gonna Show You "How to Make Icon for Shutdown or Restart You Computer"

So Follow the Step

1) Right Click on Desktop then Go to New > Shortcut

2) Now new Window Will Popup

3) In that Write the Following Command

shutdown -s -t 3

Here 3 is Second to Shutdown Your Computer...You can Change (I like to Put 0)

Now press Next
and Give Name Shutdown or Whatever You Wanna

For Restart Type following Code
shutdown -r -t 3

Now press Next and Rename

Now You will get New Shortcut on Desktop

Change that Shortcut icon and Enjoy.....