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20 May, 2013

How to make Desktop Icons Transparent

How to make your Desktop Icons Transparent:-

Hello guys. This is Sanjit Patel. I am back with new interesting and funny tricks for your computer.

today I am going to show you how to make your desktop Icon transparent. So follow the below Steps…

1)First of all go to Control Panel

2)In Control Panel open System

3)Now in that System Properties go to “Advance“ Tab.

4)In Performance area click on Settings

5)Now in Performance Option window Check “Use drop shadows for icon labels on the Desktop” from the list below custom; then Click on Apply and then OK.


Thank You...

17 May, 2013

16 Most Expensive & Beautiful Things.

#1. Colorful Shower Lights

Now if you love colors you can own them in your bathroom, well I currently do not have to link to the online product but you can surely google it out and it can give you some pleasant color modes in your shower.

#2. Cucumber Peel Holder

If you usually see your mom peeling out a cucumber skin, you might have noticed that how all the peels fall on the table, well this gadget can hold on the peels and than you can vanish at the last moment when the whole work is completed.

#3. Easy Ice Cubes Dispenser

When ever you want to dispense the ice cubes in your drinks or water you face a major problem of it stucking and not getting out, well but now with this easy gadget tweak you can dispense your ice cubes easily.

#4. Chair Cum Stair Modification

This will utilize the space and can be modified into stairs when ever you need to get something from top. When its free you can use it as your chair.

#5. Electronic Liquid Measuring Device

Now you do not need to check thoroughly that how much water you are going to add in your stuff, the electronic meter automatically shows you the exact figure.

#6. USB Portable Microwave

Now cooking is portable, if you live in any PG or flat far away from your home, this gadget would be a great idea for warming up the meals getting cold till you study at night.

#7. Smooth Shaving Gadget

Do you have a beard and usually while shaving you get stucked up protecting your beard from getting scrapped, well using this gadget you can fearlessly shave and have smoother fresher look.

#8. Cool Toothpaste Heads

Now just attach these unique toothpaste heads and amuse your kids with cartoonist personalities. Awesome characters can be changed easily.

#9. Sofa Cum Bed with Twin Lights

Check this out amazing sofa cum bed concept with twin lights for night study and amazing beetle look.

#10. Shower Note Pad

Now do not let your ideas vanish away with this aqua proof note taking pad, can be hanged down right in your shower and notes can be taken easily.

#11. Amazing Switch Extension System

Now if you need one plug its easily available but if you wanna add more switches just press it up and you will have 4 more switches to access.

#12. Easy Water Shooting System

Now when you are done with the paste just hold down this small gadget and water will pump in your mouth easily.

#13. Bath Tub with Hidden Container

If you love luxurious life than you are surely gonna have this bath tub in your room as you wanna store many bathing accessories and which you wanna use everytime on daily purposes.

#14. Comfortable Swinging Chair

Now you can easily sit and relax on this chair while reading or surfing the web.

#15. Sofa Cum Bunker

Sofa Cum Bunker now you have some guests in your house and you do not have any extra room than this gadget can help you out by creating two beds out of a simple sofa.

#16. Easily Hair Removing Comb