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27 September, 2013

Why Don't You Try?

Hello Friends, This is Sanjit Patel (Blog Owner). First of all Thanks to Everyone who Visit and write Lots of Wonderful Comments on My Blog and Enjoyed it.

I m getting very good and warm response from you People. its Inspire me to do Much More Here...

     Friends, I wanna Start Guest Writing on my Blog, (Actually its my Experiment.) in this What you have to do is :

Steps :

1) Find Best Article Suit for this Blog. (You can make it own by your knowledge, or Find on Internet)

2) Copy and Paste it in to MS WORD or Other, and Save it.

3) Send Me that Doc to "PSANJU1992@GMAIL.COM & Don't Forget to Mention Your Name and Email Address. (Photo (Only if you want)

4) I will Read it, Improve it (If needed), Confirm it.

5) And I will Post it Here with His/Her Name and Email ID and Photo.

6) I will Also Provide the Link of His/Her post. So He/She can Share His/Her Own post wherever He/She want.

This is just one Idea of Mine. Let me see how many Creative Minds are Here and Let them Explore on my Blog.

Thank You.